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Welcome! Every journey begins with the right education, and we want to help you maintain the foundation you have built. Whether we are becoming your technology arm or just supporting — together, we can raise the bar in healthcare.

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Jerrod Jeffries -Founder & CEO of Beaker Health

About Beaker Health


About us

At Beaker Health we aim to give everyone a platform to share their healthcare expertise. Talented people in every discipline, specialty, and niche. We want to help ensure that the best content is easily available. Those that help create the knowledge should receive those benefits, which is why we built a suite of tools.

Use our platform tools for better compliance, analytics, widespread dissemination, and an additional revenue stream.

Let us handle your education needs in order to measure impact and get your time back.

Putting You First


Our Vision

Out with outdated models that take your intellectual property. In with the model that rewards the doers, creators, and the visionaries.

Think of us as the following:

  • Bullet IconThe space between that disputed facebook post and a lengthy MOOC.
  • Bullet IconA verified YouTube for healthcare professionals.
  • Bullet IconThe side hustle healthcare workers deserve for all those years of hard work.
  • Bullet IconThe space where you can learn from the innovators and experimenters while finding approved content from well-credentialed healthcare professionals.
  • Bullet IconA place where you can be celebrated and receive the credit you deserve.

Why Choose Us?

We follow the values our mothers instilled in us. We know time is precious and should not be wasted. For all healthcare professionals, time is your most valuable asset, and we want to help make sure you are spending it where you are making the most impact. Get your time back with Beaker Health.


All Star Support

We help disseminate knowledge easier and quicker. If you have other needs, reach out.

Strong Teams

Our technical team is nothing shy of magic. You need custom solutions, let's chat.

Customer Satisfaction

Users love us because of our simplicity, content, and support. Let's achieve more.